You can’t avoid the dirt and grime as you drive in Fresno, CA. But, you can get rid of it and keep your car, truck, or van clean by hiring Danny’s Spotless Touch to detail your car. Our Fresno car detailing services are 100% mobile, which means we bring the car wash to you!

Professional Detailing

We Come To You

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10+ Years Of Experience

Looking For A Top Rated Car Detailer In Fresno, CA? You’ve Found It!

Driving in Fresno, your car’s bound to get dirty and grimy, but Danny’s Spotless Touch can help! Even with Fresno’s dirty air, your car or truck can look good and clean as you drive down Blackstone or hang out at Woodward Park. If you’re shopping the malls in Riverpark with a friend, a clean car will help you fit right in. 

Danny, the owner of Danny’s Spotless Touch, has been detailing cars for nearly a decade and has enjoyed restoring cars to their original great look. From removing tough stains to scrubbing away grease and grime, you can trust us to deliver great work for a fair price. Top Rated Car Detailer in Fresno, CA!

Mobile Car Wash

We come to your home anywhere in Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, and Madera to make your car look brand new again with our detail services.

Swirl and Waterspots

We'll restore your paints shine with our swirl and waterspout removal services, included in our exterior detail services.

Mobile Interior Details

From door jams, cracks, crevices, windows, seats, carpet, floor mats, consoles, cup holders, and more!

Business/Work Washes

We can come to your business or place of work and detail your car. We do not require a water hookup as we're completely mobile!

Residential/Home Washes

We come to your home anywhere in Fresno, Clovis, Kingsburg, and Madera to make your car look brand new again with our detail services.

Make Time For What You Love

If you have the day off, spend it with friends or family while we take care of your auto detail!

CAR DETAIL services

Our full exterior detail service includes a wash, spray wax, wheel & tire treatment, window cleaning, water-spot removal, and a hand dry.
Drive thru car washes and cheap detailers can damage your paint, leaving swirls and waterspots. We’ll repair the damage and add paint protection to preserve your cars new look.
Complete interior detailing on your vehicle. We’ll vacuum, get in the cracks and crevices and do a complete restoration of your vehicles interior.

The Danny Spotless Detail Difference

As a premium auto detailing business, our focus is on quality over quantity. We’re not in a rush to get your car done just so we can get to the next and just pump them out – we want your car to look brand new, even if it takes us a bit longer than we scheduled. We’re always a phone call away.

10+ Years of Experience

We've washed and waxed cars for over 10 years.

Reliable and Trusted

The most dependable and reliable auto detailing business.

Convenient Service

We conveniently visit your home and business.

1: Setup Appointment

We'll find a day and time that works for your schedule. Whether it's your home or business, we'll show up and detail your vehicle while you focus on your day.

2: We Show Up & Detail

We'll arrive at the time and date you booked and check-in with you. Our detail guys will wax, polish, wash and clean your car. We do a review and take before and after pics.

3: Detail Review

We'll walk around your vehicle with you and do a complete review to make sure it meets your satisfaction and exceptions. We strive for an excellent detail every time!


We take pride in our work, and treat every car as our own. Our customers love our attention to detail and our customer service. We’re one of the top rated mobile auto detailing businesses in Fresno, and it’s because of our awesome customers! See our excellent reviews below.

Car Detailing Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about our car detailing services in Fresno, CA.

Before and After Fresno Mobile Car Detail
Our rule of thumb is no same day appointments, as we tend to book up fairly quickly. Our detailers have a set route for each day so logistically it isn’t possible sometimes, but you can always give us a call and if we’re on your side of town, we’ll see what we can do for you!

Our full interior and exterior car detailing services include:

  • Disinfect and Steam entire interior
  • Shampoo the floor mats
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Removal of grime/dirt from cup holders, vents door jams
  • Apply UV protectant to all hard interior surfaces
  • apply fabric protectant on all cloth seats
  • Cleaning of windows and door jams
  • Removal of water spots on windows “within reason”
  •  Iron removal
  •  Decontamination of paint 
  •  Removal of tar “within reason”
  •  Cleaning the face of the wheels 
  •  Applying a wax sealant that last up to 6 months 

We think so, and so do our customers! Getting your car detailed is time-efficient and helps maintain your vehicle value. Cars are subject to wear and tear as you drive and use them, so by getting regular details, you’re preventing permanent damage to your seats, paint and wheels.

The average cost of a car detail depends, but a professional top-grade detail starts at $150 up to $450. Our prices are fairly affordable for full detailing services. Included in our price is our supply costs, gas usage, and time. If you were to buy the same equipment and supplies we use, you’d probably be looking at $10,000+ – by hiring us, you get that level of a detail for $150 – $350. You can view our pricing on each service page.

It’s recommended to get a full interior and exterior detail of your car every 3-6 months. However, we recommend our mobile maintenance wash every 2-4 weeks (or as often as needed) to maintain the detail and appearance of your vehicle. The regular detailing of your car will keep your upholstery, carpet, paint and vehicle looking like a new car!

Most swirls, scratches and waterspots can be removed with our premium exterior detail package. We do first stage iron removal, decontamination of paint and removal of tar from the road.


We are happy to guide you in selecting the best detail package and services for your vehicle. Give us a phone call or contact us with any questions!